Instead of the popular Balearic Islands sailors and multinational companies that own sailboat rental services have decided to move their fleets to the Croatian coast as Spanish El Mundo reports.


At the moment in Spain there is a sailing and a travel ban between provinces (The state of emergency in Spain was declared on March 14th) – issued by the government to prevent the further spreading of the coronavirus. Also, according to El Mundo, every foreign citizen that comes to the Balearic Islands has to spend 14 days in self-isolation.


This led to a situation where clients who wanted to spend summer there had to cancel their bookings or move them for 2021, which also affected companies that rent sailboats.


They are calling on us to cancel or postpone their reservations until next year. The damage has been brutal. We’re completely paralysed‘,’ said María Jimenez, a spokesperson for companies that rent sailboats.


To reduce the financial damage some multinational sailboat renting companies decided to move their fleet from the Balearic Islands to the main competitor Croatia. For the marketing purposes they use the fact that in Croatia there is no “14 days of quarantine” for foreign citizens.


The archipealgo with a green islands and one triangle shaped sea fort and many yachts sailing through the archipelago.


The Balearic Islands have been at the top of nautical tourism in recent years. Nautical tourism is one of the tourism-related subcategories that experienced the greatest growth and deviates from the traditional “sun and beach” tourism approach.


Every summer the nautical tourism generates tens of millions of Euros There are over 350 companies that were focused on the Central European market, especially the German one.


The decision to move the fleet to the Croatian coast can be beneficial to both – sailboat companies and Croatian tourism. There was already news from countries like Austria and Germany saying that their citizens see Croatia as their top destination this summer. The Croatian tourist has responded well to that and started to communicate regularly with their governments.



The other thing that can secure a positive outcome for the tourist season in 2020. is that Croatia is a car destination. Due to the ban and safety issues in some countries, people won’t travel in a plane.

Date released: May 26, 2020