Dubrovnik-Neretva Region is placed in the most southern part of Croatia. It is easy to spot it on a map, it is right under the Split –Dalmatia region. Because of the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina in town Neum, it is divided into two parts: Dubrovnik with Korčula and Neretva. The region is comprised of two basic units: the relatively narrow coastal area with a number of coastal Islands (Korčula, Mljet, Lastovo and the Elaphite Islands) and Peninsula Pelješac with Neretva and its coastline.

The coastal area is very unique and varies from protected bays with sandy beaches, exotic beauty to the open sea exposed to the steep coast with cliffs as this Region makes one of the most beautiful areas in the Mediterranean.

Dubrovnik Region is connected with Split and other parts of Croatia by Adriatic tourist road and new modern highway road A1. There is an international airport in Čilipi, 25 km east of Dubrovnik, an international seaport of Gruž in Dubrovnik and international port Ploče.


The Dubrovnik area was very important throughout history. It was a crossroads of cultures and civilizations, and also, a place with a favorable position for connecting with the most important European trading ports at that time. In the Middle Ages, Dubrovnik was one of the most important trading ports in Europe. With that kind of influence in Europe, it’s not surprising that it was an aristocratic republic (with the name of Republic of Ragusa) from 1358. – 1808. Republic was conquered by Napoleon and was annexed by the Napoleonic kingdom of Italy. That was also the end of the autonomous Republic of Ragusa.


Today, you could say that Dubrovnik is on the track to restore the former glory of the Republic of Ragusa, as one of the most busiest European ports. Thanks to the good strategy and marketing, Dubrovnik has become once again, one of the busiest places in Europe. Every summer it attracts millions of tourist coming from all parts of the world. Amazing history and appearance were supported by good infrastructure, long-term strategy and promotion which is why Dubrovnik is breaking many touristic records. The tourism and accommodation industry is not the only area Dubrovnik region is concentrated on.

The favorable natural position gives Dubrovnik-Neretva region an even greater potential for agricultural development. The valley of the Neretva River is where most citrus fruits (especially tangerine) is produced and then exported across Europe. On the other hand, the Pelješac peninsula is the center of the wine industry and olive growing.

In the last couple of years the film industry is on the rise in the Dubrovnik-Neretva region. New location with great conditions and traffic connectivity that come with it, is what attracted major Hollywood film producers to use Dubrovnik as a unavoidable shooting location for some of the most popular films and shows in the last decade.