Dalmatia is a region situated in the southern part of the Croatian. Known for its natural beauty, secluded beaches, turquoise sea, sunny weather and so became one of the major tourist destinations of Europe. Easy to spot on Europe map, Dalmatia stays on the opposite side of Italy surrounded by mountains on the north side and a long Adriatic coastline on the south side. Interesting coastline full of islands, islets, caves and beaches, has become an unavoidable spot for nautical tourism.

Rulled by various Emperors and conquerors in its long history Dalmatia was an important cultural and transit point for ages as you can see by the well-preserved historical cities, palaces and monuments. It is easy to acces from almost every European country, beautiful nature and coastline, rich cultural legacy, mild Mediterranean climate, and that all make Dalmatia definitely a perfect spot for your second home.